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The following are highly recommended:

Focusing is the most powerful verbal therapy form I have ever experienced. It is also a learned skill, which you can practice by yourself or with a partner. In Focusing, you use words to connect directly with body states. Focusing can be particularly useful if you are wanting to get new insight into a specific problem area or stuck place. Ann Weiser Cornell, who studied with Eugene Gendlin, the creator of Focusing, is one of the premier Focusing teachers in the country. Her website includes a great deal of information about Focusing as well as a list of Focusing teachers she has trained.

The Feldenkrais Center
Both classes and hands-on private sessions are available in this wonderful training in body awareness through slow, subtle movements.

MindBody Medicine
David Schecter, M.D., a medical doctor who has 20 years experience treating people with emphasis on the Mind-Body connection, has trained with John Sarno, M.D., who has written several books on back pain and other ailments.

More Links and Reading Suggestions coming soon.


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